Friday, April 14, 2006


Chained!   Click to find more like this at A Haunted Dolls House.

The irony about the galleries that I put up on the net a few years back, was that I was so obsessed with learning how to site-build, I didn't use much judgement over the pictures I uploaded. But I don't suppose anyone really noticed.

Anyway, I'll point the picture link at one of the galleries - not sure which, yet!

'Chained?' Well, I did a few pictures of girl soldiers a while back; and there's a mildly fetishistic element about this one, I suppose. But it's late, and it's time I updated this blog again, so here it is. Hope you like it.


Suze said...

Hi, I just thought I would wonder over and say hello to a fellow Brit.

I'm also very nosey. LOL.

Calenture said...

Hello, Suze, feel free to be as nosey as you like. I probably give away too much about myself in this blog...but that's what they're for, huh?