Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cat With the Skeleton Tail

Emily the Queen

This is my cat Emily, in the flat where we used to live.

Recently she lost the tip of her tail in a disagreement with someone she met.

The first I noticed of it was a piece of black fur on the upstairs landing. Disturbingly, it was attached to a piece of skin. I couldn't figure out where it had come from. It was days before I realised that there was something quite odd about the tip of her tail. Nothing to see, but it felt strangely boney...

Well, I don't need go on. And she seems perfectly happy still, I'm relieved to say!

Maybe it'll teach her not to go starting so many fights!

Well, probably not, but I can hope.


Magnetic Mary said...

Emily Emily...

I can recognise a couple cards over there :-)

Zen Wizard said...


Calenture said...

Hi Mary, Yep, I keep cards when the people who sent them mean something to me.

And Wiz,nice to see you here again.

'Ouch!' indeed. I made lighter of my cat's injury here on the page than I felt when I first discovered it. That bony skeleton tail-tip is about an inch! Obscured mercifully under black fur. But the vet says that Mother Nature seems to be effecting her own cure, and, as for the dam' cat herself... one day's sleep, and you'd think nothing happened!