Saturday, September 09, 2006

Filthy Creations Magazine is HERE!!!

Cover for Filthy Creations 1 by Ade Salmon and Rog Pile

You probably don't want to wait ages for a slideshow to load (which slows up everything else at the same time) - so if you want to see the slideshow of all the drawings and more from Filthy Creations 1 you can click on the pictures above or below view it on an independent web page.

The picture below is the version that wasn't used for Victoria J Dixon's Martyr's Window. The one above shows the cover drawing by Ade Salmon and me, minus its text.

Maryr's Window by Victoria J Dixon drawn by Rog Pile for Filthy Creations Magazine

Filthy Creations is a magazine of original horror fiction and art, spawned by the infamous VAULT OF EVIL - ANTHOLOGY HELL. The illustrations shown here are by Chrissie Demant, with magical cover art colouring by comic artist Adrian Salmon, who drew the Terry Sharp graphic novel The Faceless, mentioned on this blog; also sketches here by me, Rog' Pile. The fiction is by Charles Black, Victoria J Dixon, Stephen Goodwin, Franklin Marsh and myself. The magazine is edited by Steve Goodwin and with guest editorial by Vault of Evil's very own moderator and 'genius loci' Demonik.

To obtain a copy, please send a cheque for £2.50 (including P&P), made out to R Pile at the address below (I'm working on an Amazon link, honest...):

46 Trenoweth Estate
North Country
TR16 4AH

Or you can email me by clicking this link: Filthy Creations

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